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2017 Fashion Trend...Plaid and Check Everything!



According to major fashion designers, interior designers...just about everyone...plaid is and will be a fashion trend for the fall and winter season.  At the 2016-2017 Fashion Weeks at the end of 2017, there were "Plaids and Check Patterns Galore" in addition to "Prince of Wales Checks".  Read on to check out some fun styles!   



While you are putting together some great outfits with plaid shirts, skirts, coats, scarfs...don't forget to coordinate what you are always carrying in your hand...your smartphone!  Swaponz offers lots of fun plaid patterns along with over 900 amazing designs!  One infinite number of possibilities to match your style, passion, or mood!  



Check out the coordinated outfit below for inspiration!  You can do similar!  Swap on!  









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