Live it. Love it. Swap it.
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Live it. Love it. SWAP it!!!!
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Live it. Love it. Swap it.
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Access Digital Content of Ice Cube and BIG3 With The QR-Codes Printed On The Back of The Swaps

swaponz® InfiniteSwap™ Products

Swaponz InfiniteSwap™ Products is change! It’s a magical patented technology that lets you change your look as often as you change your mood.

Swaponz® is a one-of-a-kind system that gives you a virtually endless supply of high-resolution and durable images called Swaps. You can exchange one for another at your pleasure – any time!

Swaps firmly adhere to the Swaponz surface without any stickiness. The colors and images of the Swaps do not degrade. If your Swaponz product (case, wallet, tags ...) get smudged or dusty, just wipe them off with water.



Swaponz has allowed me to give my phone a fresh new look whenever I want without the hassle (and cost) of buying a completely new case each time! Swapping out the designs is super easy and I love that I can store my extra design right inside the case.

Angelina M.

The Starcraft case set I received was amazingly delicious I love it.

Alex K.

Initially when purchasing the case for my father and then for myself I was doing it solely for the Bayern designs but have been pleasantly surprised with how durable the cases are too! I have a bad habit of dropping my phone and so far it has been totally protected. It also looks great!!

Alice B.

This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten!!

Danielle M.

I definitely want to say thank you guys for supporting more than the iphone!  Every time I saw a case I wanted it was never for what I had so over the years I just stopped looking.

Great product and again, THANK YOU for supporting my phone 😝  I will absolutely be turning people onto your product in every way that I can.

Nick P.

We love our Swaponz phone cases! For our annual Hennessey Digital leadership retreat we gave our company directors branded Swaponz cases, and they were a huge hit. They're great for employee giveaways and branded promotions!

Scott S.

Well to be honest I love it I've been looking for something for both my wife and I.

Yan N.

I have at least 10 Swaps now, I love them! People always enjoy my show & tell and are amazed how easy & fun they are. It’s a great conversation starter and way to personalize your case!

George F.

I am Jeffery a first time customer of Swaponz. I was very pleased with my purchase with the customer service and the product itself. I am into blizzard products and your selections are remarkable. I was very intrigued about the technology behind the non-adhesive sticky layer for your phone case, this is a really awesome product. Since I've had my InfiniteSwap phone case the amount of complements I have received have sparked numerous conversations.

Jeffrey A.

Hi I got my new swap case. I love it! it is easy to change the picture to the one you want. Also it was easy to put onto the phone. I will get a new case for the iphone SE, so i can gift it to my mom!

Hannah M.
Live it. Love it. Swap it.

Imagine a technology that can turn some of the common, typically boring products you use every day into bold, unique statements about you and what’s important to you – your likes, loves, beliefs and passions.

Swaponz® InfiniteSwap™ products do just that! Our team is passionate about innovation, and loves to create products and designs that are about you, your life and your experiences.

We are very proud to engineer, design and print our products in the US.

Soon you will be seeing new InfiniteSwap™ products such as water bottles and hats, with more to come in the future. We hope you will enjoy all of our Swaponz® InfiniteSwap™ products.

Live it. Love it. Swap it.



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