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iPhone 6s Plus

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How it works

It's very simple

Swaponz cases and designs are not sticky and hold together like magic!

Patented Infinite Swap Case

One Great Protective Case

  • High quality rubberized protective case.
  • Sleek design - feels like the case is part of the phone.
  • Anti-slip grip sides - makes it easy to hold & handle.

Patented Infinite Swap Technology

  • Proprietary non-permanent, non-adhesive layer allowing for easy, clean and unlimited swapping of designs.
  • Swaponz Infinite Swap products are not sticky. There is no residue and they will hold together like magic.
  • The Infinite Swap layer will not degrade. If the layer gets dirty (dust, sand, mud or other), simply wash it off with water and it will be as good as new.

Swappable and Reusable Designs

Swaponz photo quality swappable designs are vibrant, fade & scratch resistant and fully reusable.

Swaponz Design Collections

100’s of very cool designs to choose from. We are continually creating new collections of designs
for our store.

Your photos, artwork and logos
made into your customized
Swaponz swappable designs.

Pretty cool! Time to get your starter pack

Buy one Swaponz high quality protective rubberized case and
two vibrant and scratch & fade resistant Swaponz swappable designs for only $25