Jigsaw Puzzles...Great for Your Health

Jigsaw Puzzles...Great for Your Health

Jigsaw puzzles...a healthy way to have fun, live long and improve our memory!  Read on!
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Jigsaw puzzles have been around for a long time...since the 1700's, in fact!  Many people think of them as "toys", but they are actually a lot more.  Jigsaw puzzles are actually great for your health at any age.  Below are just some of the benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles. 



1) Doing jigsaw puzzles uses both sides of the brain, the analytical side and the creative side.  This creates connections between the left and right side of the brain that increases the ability to learn, comprehend and remember.



2) It has been proven that people who do jigsaw puzzled have longer life span, less likelihood of memory loss, dementia, and other problems of old age.  



3) The activity also improves problem solving skills, improves learning ability, and helps with overall perception and understanding. 



All this is just a fraction of the benefits of jigsaw puzzles!  Read the whole article about the benefits here. 


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