Turquoise...a beautiful stone with great benefits!

Turquoise.  Not just an ordinary stone.  Read on to understand the great benefits of this beautiful gemstone!
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Below is some snippets from amazing article from soulku.com about Turquoise.  Read on...



"Turquoise. It's the one gemstone that has more legends attached to it than any other. Ancient Egyptian doctors used it to prevent injury and promote healing that occurred in battle. Persians treated blindness and cataracts with the stone. The Native Americans viewed turquoise as sacred, carving it into the forms of animals and birds. And here you thought it was just a pretty color.



Turquoise Today


The qualities that ancient people valued in turquoise still exist today, and many will wear the stone and be reminded of its healing, friendship and communication energies. It is a strengthening stone, and its healing properties are especially helpful for those who are seeking solace, balance or peace. For these reasons, turquoise is excellent for depression or exhaustion.



Who Can Benefit from Wearing Turquoise?


Turquoise is a good choice for writers, as its energies of clear communication can help the wearer overcome writer’s block. The communicative energies are also beneficial for attorneys or government officials, as it helps when understanding and delivering information. Turquoise is also a kind gesture to someone who may work in a physically dangerous job, because of its protective qualities.

A Soul-Full of Light necklace in turquoise from SoulKu is a lovely gift, showing the receiver that you have listened, understood, and intentionally chosen a gift to provide comfort and healing. It portrays your love for the person, strengthening the connection you share."



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