The Journey of a Spartan Pro-Team Athlete: An Interview with Alyssa Hawley

The Journey of a Spartan Pro-Team Athlete: An Interview with Alyssa Hawley

An inspiring story of an amazing athlete, Alyssa Hawley,  who found her passion by competing in the Spartan Races.   Read on!
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Born and raised in Spokane Washington, Alyssa Hawley, has always loved being active and being outdoors.  Coming from a close knit family, who also shared this passion, they took family hikes together, played sports together and shared active, fun times.  It was not surprising that Alyssa grew up skateboarding, snowboarding, playing football, soccer, basketball and softball and eventually became a college division athlete in softball for both North Idaho College and Stony Brook University on Long Island.  


After she completed school, Alyssa’s love for activity and being outdoors drove her to look outside of softball to other activities.  She admittedly never really loved running…there had to be other fun, active, competitive sports.  By chance, she signed up for a race that she saw advertised on social media that was to take place at the New York Mets Stadium.  It turned out to be her first Spartan Race!  She won the open division in that race and was hooked!


Still close to her family who provides her a lot of support, Alyssa moved back home and started searching for upcoming Spartan races in her area.  She even got her family hooked.  Her dad has become her mentor, manager, coach as well as mental support.  And he has joined her in almost every Spartan race!  Her step mom and even one of her younger sisters have raced with her! Truly a family affair with Alyssa at the helm! 


Alyssa has now found her new calling!  Spartan is a perfect match for the kind of sport that Alyssa likes best – requiring strength, agility and endurance.  Alyssa feels “Spartan is the best for the overall athlete”.  She loves the way each race is broken up with different obstacles, unknown challenges, and unknown weather conditions allowing her to grow physically, spiritually and mentally.  Alyssa is a dedicated Spartan racer having completed around 20 races this year alone.  In the televised, super competitive NBC Sports Spartan races this year, Alyssa started out placing 7th…not a satisfying finish for her.  So, Alyssa worked even harder, changed her nutrition regiment and geared up for the remaining NBC races.  Her dedication paid off!  In the next three NBS Sports races she placed 3rd, 4th and 2nd, respectively.  Then in the Spartan World Races this year, Alyssa placed an impressive 4th place!  An amazing achievement!




 Alyssa’s Swaponz Smartphone Case with Different Swappable Images 



What motivates an incredible athlete like Alyssa?  Alyssa believes that God has blessed her with her athletic ability.  Given this ability, she feels compelled to be a role model for others and help others achieve their goals.  She reaches most of her fans through social media posting live workouts, explaining how she trains and sharing her journey.  With all of her accomplishments, Alyssa has become an icon on Spartan social media and is very influential for others.  She answers everyone who messages her hoping to help people with similar aspirations and goals.


Alyssa continues to have personal goals herself. Her favorite races are the Spartan Beast.  She wants to move on to the Ultra Beast and then tackle the Agoge.  With her competitive drive and dedication, we are all sure that Alyssa will soon achieve these goals and more. 


Alyssa’s success has not gone to her head!  As a child she always wanted to be a sponsored skater with her image on products. Alyssa has found a fun and engaging way to achieve this goal too…with Swaponz, the swappable smartphone case! 


Alyssa received a smartphone case from Swaponz and using their MadeByMe customization tool she was able to create an image of her racing to display on the case.  She thinks it is the “coolest thing ever” to have her image on a smartphone case. She showed her family and they all wanted one!  She had a few other images made and swaps them out on a regular basis.  She loves this feature!  She is even going to order a few more images…one of her and her dad, one of just her dad, maybe more.  They are great gifts!  One case…an infinite number of design changes!


When not racing, Alyssa works with her dad on construction.  She loves the physical labor.  She feels it helps her in learning life’s lessons and compliments her racing.   She shows off her case to all her fellow workers…of course with the image of her racing!  She could not be prouder!  They all want to have a case with multiple images too! It’s infectious!  She a big Swaponz advocate!




Alyssa at work…always an athlete…always with her Swaponz smartphone case




Her dad has also become a big Swaponz advocate.  He sports his Swaponz case with Alyssa’s photo as a Spartan Pro-Athlete on his smartphone all day at work.  As a proud dad, whenever someone notices (all the time), he gladly shows the phone and promotes Swaponz.  A win-win for him and Swaponz!





Alyssa and her Dad.  Working together. Both showcasing Swaponz smartphone case with Alyssa’s image!



So, what’s next for Alyssa? A well-deserved break for a Spartan Pro Team Athlete is in order.  Still training, working hard, getting new images for her phone, swapping them out and enjoying what she has achieved to date and setting her next set of goals is all part of her time off. 


Alyssa embodies the essence of a true Spartan Athlete…dedication, drive, a healthy competitive nature, willing to help others and always striving to be the best she can!


The Swaponz team is proud and happy to add to the excitement of Alyssa’s success by providing her a means to share her achievements with others…every day…on one of her most used accessory…her smartphone!  Swap On!



BTW, Alyssa is giving Swaponz for holiday gifts this season.  Great idea for you too!  Happy Holidays!


You, too, can design a fun Swaponz Swappable Smartphone case or purchase from our collection of hundreds of designs!  Try it out!







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