Coffee Spa Treatments and More! Where Else, but Costa Rica!

Coffee Spa Treatments and More! Where Else, but Costa Rica!

Heading to Costa Rica?  A fun place to stay and a fun way to share your on!
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Costa Rica.  What a great place!  Surfing, ziplining, mountain hikes, beaches, rain forest, volcanos, lush scenery, tocans, colorful frogs, alligators, and coffee, coffee and more coffee! 


So where else to stay but on a coffee plantation! Finca Rosa Blanca.  An amazing place not far from San Jose.



It is a real coffee plantation! And it is an eco-friendly, totally sustainable hotel!  We had a tour of the grounds where they explained how they achieve sustainability through recycling and regeneration.  It is fascinating! 


It was also really fun to really learn about coffee production.  We toured the coffee plantation and even did a coffee tasting with a coffee connoisseur – similar to wine tasting!  I realized how much I did not know about coffee even though I drink a few cups a day!


For people like me, they even have spa treatments like coffee and chocolate body scrubs and pura vida coffee detox.  You have to try one!


In addition to loving to travel, I love to take lots of photos.  I guess I would say I am an amateur photographer.  I was snapping photos constantly.  The problem is that I get home with so many photos I want to show to friends. 





After going through my hundreds of photos from Costa Rica, I decided it would be fun to choose a few of my favorites (which was hard) and make them into images for my smartphone. This way I could always show friends some photos I took of Costa Rica and have a constant memory of my trip. 


I have a swappable smartphone case from Swaponz.  It came with a choice of a couple of fun designs.  There is also the option to go on their website (www.swaponz .com) and turn your own photos into swappable images for your case.  I chose the toucan, the parrot from Nayara the volcano, and one of my favorite flowers.  Now, I just flash my phone to show my friends my favorite image of Costa Rica…and I change it every few days depending on my mood.  I may even get a couple more made like the colorful frogs I shot on my night safari or the monkeys that climbed all over our boat on our cruise in the lagoon.  Such a great way to share the fun of my trip. 



I am sure I will go back to Costa Rica especially to Finca Rosa Blanca…shoot more photos and make more images for my swappable phone case.  You can too!


Join the fun of swapping and swap on!  Check out to try it out!




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