Make things POP with Pop Art!

Make things POP with Pop Art!

Pop, of the most recognizable art forms.  Don't you love it?



Pop Art is a movement that started in the mid 1950's in Great Britain.  The idea was to create art from "popular" culture and consumer good, hence the name "POP" art.  In the early 1960's artists from New York like Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, and Claes Oldenburg drew inspiration from ordinary Pop culture and mass media to create art.  In doing so, the movement diverted from the traditional "high art" subject matter used throughout history.  The Pop Art movement took commonplace objects, people and articles of everyday life and elevated them to a level of "fine art".   By nature of the fact that Pop Art uses ordinary, common place objects and images, it is one of the most recognizable styles of modern art.  


According to an article by Beth Gersh-Nesic, the Key Characteristics of Pop Art are: 


  • Recognizable imagery, drawn from popular media and products.
  • Usually very bright colors.
  • Flat imagery influenced by comic books and newspaper photographs.
  • Images of celebrities or fictional characters in comic books, advertisements and fan magazines.
  • In sculpture, an innovative use of media.


Some of the major recognizable works of art that illustrate this movement are shown below.    




Paintings by Andy Warhol




Paintings by Roy Lichtenstein



Just like the art above, you can make your smartphone POP with the pop art designs from Swaponz.  There are lots of fun images to choose from.  And the best thing is that you can swap the design out every day!  Lots of fun designs and infinite swaps!  Getting  popping and swapping today!





   Just a few of the fun pop art designs from Swaponz!  Get Your Swap On!








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