Green. A Beautiful Color All Around.

Green. A Beautiful Color All Around.

Is green one of your favorite colors?  What to learn more about what it means?
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Green. A combination of two primary colors - blue and yellow.  The combination makes all shades and hues of a magnificent color.   Yellow brings mental clarity and optimism.  Blue offers mental calm and insight.  Taking from both these colors, green has come to represent balance and harmony and equilibrium between the heart and the head.  








The psychological properties that green creates are a feeling of peace, balance and harmony...feeling connected to nature, being safe and secure.  For this reason, green is used often in interior design since it is such an emotionally positive color.  



Different shades of green represent different emotions and feelings. Emerald green provides a feeling of luxury and elegance much like the emerald jewel.







Grass green, being the color or money, represents prosperity, abundance and wealth...a rich color.  It represents self confidence and security.  









The more yellow the green color, the more it represents a new beginning, spring, renewal and rebirth.  



To learn even more about the various shades of green, the meaning of each and how it affects our personality, please refer to a great article, The Color Green.  



One of the most obvious points is that green is everywhere around us in nature.  It is a relaxing color offering a sanctuary away from the stresses of life.  Green in nature indicates that a plant is healthy and still growing.  Green is the most balanced of colors, bringing stability and equilibrium to the world. 







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