A Beast of a Branding Product

A Beast of a Branding Product

Want to build a great team with company loyalty?  Check out what this CEO did!  Read on!


Co-authored by Ishay Grinberg, President of Rental Beast 





I have never been into phone cases…but, a couple of months ago a friend of mine gave me a fun new product, a swappable smartphone case from a company called Swaponz.  It is a nifty clear grey, durable and protective phone case with the logo of my company, Rental Beast, on the back of the case.  Of course it is a really catchy logo (if I must say!). Everyone in the office and in our ten other offices nationwide (that I visit regularly) commented on the phone case, the quality of the graphics and said they wanted one too!


In addition, clients, people in airports, planes, trains…everyone seemed to notice my phone case and the Rental Beast image!   Then the light bulb went off! What a great way to create brand recognition, network and generate leads!  So, I had Swaponz provide cases for the whole Rental Beast team!  


As a leader of an organization, I am always trying to figure out a way to motivate my team and build team loyalty.


Having the whole team connected by sporting a Swaponz smartphone case with the Rental Beast logo seemed to be a great way to create team spirit and promote the brand.  Now, during working hours, travel time for the company, doing anything for work, everyone is showcasing the Company on their smartphone…because they WANT to!  Not only do we spread the word about Rental Beast in a fun, interactive way, but everyone feels connected, part of the team and more loyal to Rental Beast.  A win-win all around!






      Always proud to show off their Rental Beast Smartphone!




One amazing advantage of the Swaponz product is that when my team is not working and promoting Rental Beast they can swap the Rental Beast image for an image showing other designs or passions!   There are hundreds of designs from Swaponz for merely $7.50 for each new image or they can create their own on the web site for the same price (as I did with the Rental Beast logo using Swaponz MadebyMe customization tool).  So, I have the benefit of giving them a very cool, high quality gift, and my team has unlimited flexibility as to what they display on the case. A clear win-win!




      Better than a coffee cup!  You take it with you always!




You, too, can do the same thing for your team!  Visit www.swaponz.com and get your swap on!







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