Keep Moving and Swap On!

Keep Moving and Swap On!

Trying to get in shape?  Take a look at some advice from a pro-trainer!




Co-Authored by Trudy Riley, Next Level Fitness, Wellesley, MA.




I am passionate about staying healthy and keeping in shape. I am always telling my friends how important it is to eat healthy and do aerobic exercise at least three times a week.  I post videos on my Facebook page of great exercises.  I have more sneakers than I do “regular shoes”.  My exercise outfits all match and I have lots!   I guess you could say I am obsessed with exercise.   One reason I am a personal trainer!


So, I decided to put my company logo on my smartphone using Swaponz, a swappable smartphone case.  Since I am always carrying my smartphone, it is a great conversation piece to talk about my passion…exercise (in case you didn’t know it by now)…and promote my personal training business.  Since I have an iPhone 6+, the logo is pretty obvious! 




I also have a few other fun designs from the Swaponz collection.  I am a black and white kind of gal so I chose a fun zebra stripe and a pattern of black, white and silver.  I swap out my business logo and use these designs on my phone when I am heading out. Then my phone case matches my outfit.   I also am a matchy-matchy type of gal! 




Check out and have some fun like me with your smartphone case!


Of course, I couldn’t write a post without sharing one of my favorite exercises!  Do this exercise every day and you will see the benefits.  At the very least, KEEP MOVING and SWAP ON!


Show your passion too on a Swaponz Swappable Smartphone Case! Get started!





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