Great Recipe for Your Holiday Dinner…Try it Out!

Great Recipe for Your Holiday Dinner…Try it Out!


Are you always looking for a great tasty new recipe?  Try this delicious one for the holidays.  Read on!

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I LOVE to cook! I also love to try out new recipes.  Fall offers some amazing vegetables and fruits to combine and bake together.  Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to try out new tasty sounding combos!  So, I thought I would share a recipe that I think sounds amazing. 


This is a great combo of sweet potatoes and pears.  Just reading it makes my mouth water!  This will definitely be the highlight of my Thanksgiving table this year!


Try it out!  




My other passion is photography.  I take LOTS of photos!  Most do not get seen except by my friends who sit while I go through the hundreds of photos on my phone and computer!   Sometimes under duress!


So, I decided to share what I do with many of my photos!  Instead of keeping them locked up on my smartphone, I have started to showcase some of my favorites on a sturdy, durable swappable smartphone case from Swaponz.  You buy one case and swap the image on the back of the phone as many times as you want.  One case…infinite number of designs.  It is really cool! 


Take a look at what I did with the photo of my Thanksgiving table!  Looks pretty appetizing!  Now as we head towards Christmas, I swap off my turkey and dressing with some seasonal images. has hundreds of designs…hobbies, trendy, travel and of course ones for all the seasons.   And you can easily turn any of your own photos into designs…like my Thanksgiving table!




            My Thanksgiving Table!          New Seasonal designs from Swaponz



Enjoy the recipe the holidays!   And check out  You’ll have something fun to do with all your holiday photos!


Bon appetit and swap on!







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