My Ultimate Accessory

My Ultimate Accessory

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I love fashion!  My outfits express my personality, my mood, my passion. They are a depiction of ME!


I take pains to coordinate all the parts of an outfit from the main components to every minute accessory!  Now, with Swaponz, I can even coordinate one of my most visible accessories, my smartphone case!   




                                       The Fringed Zig Zag



Take a look at what I wore yesterday!  This first outfit is my pink and orange (my favorite color) with a splash of brown number.  My coordinating Swaponz was a cool, durable pink case with a geometric zigzag design of shades of pink and a touch of orange!  The zigzags of the case design really pair well with the fridge of the skirt!  Formidable!


Check out this outfit too!




                                           The Aztec Two-Step



I call this my black and white, Aztec look.  The skirt has neat geometric, white bands on a black knit flounce. The black and white “mandala” like image on the Swaponz smoke phone case adds to the exotic nature of the outfit.  Great fit!





                                                    Spots of Blue



And for one of my favorite combos,  polka dots of blue tones on a grey background.  My glasses and bracelet pick the blue tones of the skirt.  But, the “pièce de résistance" is the coordinating Swaponz smartphone case.  Brilliant!  


You, too, can have fun with design!  Be the first of your friends to show off a FULLY coordinated outfit including your smartphone with Swaponz!  Happy Swapping!


Check in often for more fun outfits coordinated with my new Swaponz smartphone case!



Or, better yet, start coordinating all your outfits with Swaponz smartphone designs! 



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