Show Off Your Love of Fall!

Show Off Your Love of Fall!

Love leaf peeping?  So do we!

 Are you heading to Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire to see the amazing fall colors?  Why not adorn your camera, a.k.a. your smartphone, with a beautiful image of fall foliage? 





With Swaponz, the swappable smartphone case, you can go leaf peeping with a fun fall foliage image while on your smartphone.  You can choose a couple of different designs from the Swaponz fall collection.  Use one this weekend and swap it out for another next weekend.  And if that is not enough fun, you can take a photo of the foliage and make it into a design for your smartphone with our Made by Me tool and show it off to your friends for the rest of autumn.  One phone unlimited number of designs!  And what's great, it is a memory that you can sport on one of your most used accessories, your smartphone! 


 Check out the amazing autumn selection of Swaponz designs!




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