Introducing Swaponz Blog Page: Lifestyle

Introducing Swaponz Blog Page: Lifestyle

Have a passion in life?  We have loads.  

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We at Swaponz challenge all of you to ask yourselves one question; how would you design your phone case to express your hobbies, interests and passions? The possibilities are endless.


This is why we at Swaponz have devoted ourselves to help enthusiasts show off their interests, hobbies and passions through the only swappable smartphone case…one phone case…unlimited number of designs.


If this isn’t already exciting enough, then get ready for big things to come with the new Swaponz blog page where we will be introducing original Swaponz designs, expressed through the unique stories of people like you sharing their hobbies, interests and passions showcased on their Swaponz’ swappable smartphone case.


Expect us to be blogging a wide range of interests, hobbies and passions seen through the eyes of collectors, gardeners, chefs, athletes, entrepreneurs, fashionistas…anyone who wants to share their passion. On top of that, expect a wide variety of blogging styles such as interviews, how-to tutorials, stories, interesting videos, and more. Basically, anything that fits your lifestyle and is reflected on your Swaponz swappable smartphone case is fair game!


Ultimately, we promise to revolve the Swaponz blog page around our viewers and that is why we are most excited about showcasing your unique Swaponz designs created through your passions.  For now, continue to live your life to the fullest and check back in to read about how people have shared their interests on their most used accessory…their smartphone.


Express your interests, hobbies and passions with your own customized Swaponz Smartphone Case! 





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